What’s this Photo-Sharing Thing, Anyway?

So- what is this ‘sharing photos’ thing, that everyone is going on about these days? Well, it is a quick and easy thing for people to take a look at photos on the net and for you to put yours there too. For instance, in less than 4 weeks at PBase I’ve had about 14,000 hits on my photos so far. From looking at my Statcounter, these are literally coming from all over the world, many people finding them by searching on the site for the subject or location they are tagged with, for example, ‘Japan’. People are looking,in fact, millions of people are looking.

Some people there have had millions of views on their photos. I suppose, if each picture is worth a thousand words, that’s equal to thousands of millions of words! (In fact, in the digital realm this is literally true- words take up very little space in kilobytes when they are reduced to the digital 1s and 0s, but complex images a lot more).

Now that I have set my galleries up, which has taken a while and I’m still changing them, I’ve started to relax and enjoy looking at other people’s photos and making comments on them. Not only are there some wonderful and creative images out there, which truly deserve the designation ‘fine art’, but also it is an amazing feeling to imagine that you are there, where it was taken. there is just as much art to looking at photos as to taking them. Of course, we can’t be in all the places all of the time, or even two places at once, so it is great to share in these experiences this way.

Today I’ve virtually been to Italy’s beautiful Lake Como, seen Gaudi’s stunning buildings in Barcelona, Spain, even met a lot of people’s pets. I also added to this ‘pool’ of beautiful reflections (check out those beautiful birds just before my additions). One nice moment was exchanging comments with someone who was not only in Bali Island at the same time as me last year- he also took pictures of some of the same places! When you start to take part in the internet a bit more, you start to understand a bit more what it’s all about (hint- it’s not just about all the adds flying around!). I can really feel the global village coming to life.

So if you want to start enjoying the Global Village a bit more, my first recommendation to you is to start browsing on the photo-sharing sites and photoblogs out there. My second suggestion is to get your photos out there too- don’t waste another minute, upload- just do it! But you won’t be able to do that without following my third suggestion- which is to get yourself a digital camera. A digital SLR is the best if you don’t mind the trouble of carrying it around, as you can put different lenses on it, but if that’s too much trouble, a smaller digicam is fine.


Take it along with you and get snapping whatever comes to mind. You’ll see pictures in places you never even thought to look before. These days we don’t even have to worry about the price of film anymore (though we no doubt spend a bit longer worrying about the price of the camera), so don’t let the sky or anything else be your limit.

So come on, get out there and get snapping, by the time the sun comes down it’s gonna be too late.



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  1. Gideon

     /  May 3, 2006

    Thanks a lot for the compliment, Floating Rea! I would love to turn Moments of Infinity into a book one day. In fact one great thing about blogs is that I have the chance to show people what I\’m doing, as I work on it. Getting feedback like that really helps my confidence. I suppose my dream would be to go into someones house one day and see a book of my photos on their coffee-table.
    Actually I am fitting my photography in with my English teaching. They compliment each other pretty well and I am very  lucky to have a job which gives me so much free time. Please keep visiting!

  2. Tania

     /  April 29, 2006

    Lovely images! do you spend all your time taking pictures or do you
    actually have time to do any work? At this rate you\’ll not need to
    teach anymore, just take pictures. Have you thought of putting them
    into a book with comments or some of your inspiring, thoughtful
    poetry?you\’re very talented- keep it up!


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