On Tech Support and Tech Pullin’ the Carpet from Under my Feet!

I have put just put two more sets onto A Day in the Life – a very long one based around Nokogiri Mountain and a shorter one with some new adventures in the world of macro, called ‘A Return to Tozenji’. Also, if you look at my galleries on Pbase or Flickr you can also see my pictures of Yokohama, where I went with my old friend Matt just after Golden Week, which turned out to be a much more varied place than I could have imagined. When is the last time you went to a cat museum? No, I didn’t think you ever had, either!
Well, for the foreseeable future, I’ll be back to posting my own photos on A Day in the Life, rather than my ‘Flickr-surfin’ finds. In fact, I posted so many today that the Google system mistook it for spam and for a while I had to do the troublesome word verification when I edited them! But thankfully, order is restored, just moments after I emailed them about the problem. Either their tech support is as fast as greased lightening or their computers are. Either way, it is good to have things back to normal.
Actually, I have another tech support issue myself at the moment. Ah, technology- you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it. I recently traded in my Nikkor 35-70mm f/2.8 camera lens at a second-hand lens store in Ginza, for what I thought would be a better version to use with flash as it is the ‘D’ (distance detecting) version- paying quite a lot for the difference. Imagine my horrified surprise when I came home and tried it, only to find that when it is zoomed out to 70mm the auto-focus stops working! If I move it back a little then it works fine again, which makes me think it was over-corrected, as the zoom pulls out slightly beyond the 70mm mark, to a point at which it can’t really work from. Now I’m not too pleased that the guy in the store didn’t check it better, especially with such a basic problem and even more so since he very carefully checked the one I was exchanging. We camera-people really depend on those supplying equipment to make sure it does what it says on the box.
Not only that, but I can’t find the receipt, however hard I look, despite being able to find just about every other receipt for camera-related items over the last 5 years, all of which I’ve had absolutely no problems with. For that I suppose I’m the dummy, but it all feels a little unfair. So unless I do find it, I’ll have to try returning it or asking him to get it fixed without a receipt… not something I feel especially comfortable about, but pretty much unavoidable, it seems. I just hope he kept his copy of the receipt!
I haven’t been very lucky with technology lately. First my Nikon D70 suddenly stopped working and I took it in to be repaired at the service station- something which they were mercifully quick about so I was able to use it for Rodney’s wedding. Then a Hitachi hard drive simply stopped working, just after the warranty ended, so I got a new and better Seagate one to replace it. This after trying the trick of putting it in the freezer overnight in the hopes it the ,metal will  shrink and it will work again. No more Hitachi Hard Drives for me, sorry if that’s unfair, but something that breaks after a year isn’t a very well-made item.
Now I’m sold a dodgy lens by someone who certainly seemed to be the ultimate camera-geek in Ginza, and even charged extra for it compared to other copies of the lens, as it had been professionally cleaned! I’m sure he didn’t know it was broken, but it would have been reall nice for him to have checked it first. What’s happening… am I to be transported to the dark ages by all these sudden failures? I don’t know, but I do know one thing…
None of this stops a garden from being beautiful- and none of this is going to stop me from taking pictures!
UPDATE (11/06/2006) – I went back to the camera shop in Ginza and luckily they remembered me and apologised profusely for the ‘dodgy lens’, which they’ll be sending off to the nearby Nikon Service station for repair. Resolving this is a relief and since I am quite sure they didn’t know the problem existed, I’m prepared to forgive them. Please read the Tech Support update above, for more.
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