The Sacred Text Archive

 Shalom, Namaste, Salam, Sawadikap, Bonjour and Hello!
Just the other day I received my CD ROM ordered from The Internet Sacred Text Archive, a collection of over a thousand texts from various religions of the world. It is an offline version of the popular website, which aims to have an indestructible backup of just about all the texts mankind has at some point considered to be sacred, be they from one of the major religions or just a mysterious text that claims to provide some kind of ‘secret teaching’. Many of the works are scanned in, others came from obscure, old-fashioned websites from the early days of the internet, many of which have since closed down. Looking at the headings on their front page, you can see all kinds of subjects- From Alchemy to Zoroastrianism, from Atlantis to UFOs; they have all their bases covered!

 What made this an especially fortuitous occasion for me was the inclusion of their new DVD ROM. Just on the day my order was processed (equally mysteriously, being September the 11th), they started a limited program of including the next-generation DVD ROM as evaluation copies, a product that will cost twice what I paid! This came as a great surprise to me, a mini-miracle, as being the hoarder that I am, I would certainly have wanted this new, searchable version as well, as it contains about twice the original’s materials and so much more of the website. I now have it backed up on my hard-drive, as a virtual-DVDthat I can read whenever I wish. It may also be a form of good karma, as I very sincerely ordered it with a wish to help the website, which I am often visiting for inspiration and I even regard as the single-most important site on the Web today. I joked with the owner that he had just proved that the God, gods and Buddhas I had been reading about really exist! I also offered him the free use of my photos.

So, want to know the myths of Atlantis? Got it here. Want to know how alchemists sought out the philosophers’ stone? It’s right here. Want to know which works inspired Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings? They’re here, too. Interested in what Jesus might have done, in the parts of his life that aren’t in the Bible? Unofficial histories are right here. Got it all… now just have to find the time to read it!

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  1. Gideon

     /  September 22, 2006

    Ha ha! Well, maybe if you are luck, your blog may included as a \’sacred text\’ one day. As for Jesus\’ travels, they appear to be mostly in India, though there are those few Shinto priests who believe he came to Japan, just as some believe he came to England. Due to trade routes, these places were not as far away as it might seem. One thing is absolutely clear to all the experts, though- He never dined at Shakeys!

  2. The Whitemeister

     /  September 21, 2006

    i think we know that the single most important site on the web today is my blog but i forgive your slip.
    so am i righto guess that the good karma on this disc is similar to those tapes listened by alan partridge at the travel tavern in the bbc series \’I\’m Alan Partridge\’??!
    as a sceptic i tend to think what a load of rubbish but am intrigued to know what Jesus supposedly did on his other days. i guess he just kicked-back and chilled out


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