Seemingly Endless Galleries

It took a while but finally it happened- I made it to 100,000 views on pBase! I don’t interact there too much, as I mostly do on Flickr and don’t have time for both, but I seem to have a steady stream of viewers. I’m very pleased, not just that I got a lot of hits (which is still much less than many others have gotten, I should note), but that there is evidence that my work is being seen by many people this way. In terms of popularity, first of all seems to be the photos of Japanese models (which get many more views than comments), followed by those of Harajuku, then those of Mt. Fuji, then macros and HDR images. It’s all helping me to see both where my strengths lie and which aspects of Japan people are most interested in. It does seem that the photos I found it most fun to take are the most inspiring to others, which makes a lot of sense. Some may find photos of models a little salacious, but please remember that is a form of beauty too and it’s only natural that, as humans, this attracts the most immediate attention. Hence the phenomena of photography magazines with beautiful, scantily-clad girls on the cover!
My next project is a bit counter-intuitive. I now have so many photos accumilated on both pBase and Flickr that people probably don’t know what to look at. Whilst of course I’ll keep them all safe in storage, it’s high time to sort through the galleries and have a big cull. It’s something like the British Museum, (if I may be so bold!), which only exhibits about 10% of it’s stuff at any point in time. As a photographer friend said to me a while ago, ‘You have too many photos to see them all’. At the time, my thought was ‘well just see the ones you want to’, but without seeing them, how is anyone to know! Catch 22. The thing is, I often don’t really know which version of a photo is the best. So, whilst I’ll keep the ones I generally think are good, a lot of the victims of this cull will simply be photos that failed to generate any interest, ‘streamlining’ my exhibitions.
In the meantime, I’ve made a gallery of people’s favourites on Flickr- this isn’t the same as the ones with the most hits, or even the ones I like the most (which may, in their category, be very much outclassed by other’s efforts). It’s what the audience loves and after all, without wanting to stoop to catch-phrases, isn’t this it’s all for!?
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