The Pilgrims’ Teachings

Their essential message, as they put it, is very simple- by loving we know God, who is love. This loving heart is the key to unlock the mysteries of life, reality and the very scriptures which speak of them. Without this, we are mere empty shells, yet to be realised. They feel that as they travel, the hearts of those around them are opened, on hearing their messages, which makes it all worthwhile. They also have a lot of ‘Apocalyptic’ teachings about the direction the world is heading, though to my mind these depend a lot more on how you understand the messages in the Bible, in such books as ‘Revelations’.
I can’t really imagine what people in Japan will make of their message. On the one hand, monotheistic religion such as Christianity or Islam is so rare here that many don’t even know of the God they speak of, even as an idea, though the pilgrims maintain that in everyone’s heart is the will to know their creator. Also, since there is little following of organised religion in Japan, people could be more open to a different message- those already having a religion often being hostile to those who differ from it (and the more similar the religion in this case, often the greater the friction as each feel the other is in need of some correction!).
Also, corrupt versions of such religions have done a lot of harm to the reputation of their original messages, people confusing God with religions which use His name without neccessarily following the teachings. Japan has generally been free of this, at least in terms of Monotheism, the belief in one God. Their aim is to publish a small book of their messages, which they recieve each day (though not every day), in both English and the language of wherever they find themselves. So naturally during their time here as well as other help, they have been looking out for suitable translators, though they are already learning Japanese as they go.
My feeling is that people in Japan really are in the mood for something new, something that will breath life into their often monotonous routines of rote work and learning. Yet at the same time, the sense that all is pretty much well as it is with no urgent need for improvement can cause the modern malaise, not of too much sin, but of too much indifference. My teaching would be that progress is ever ongoing and that even if things aren’t exactly tragic (though in some cases they are), they could always be that little bit better, that little bit happier. That greater happiness, that flourishing of life, is what it’s all about… not just survival!
For more on this subject, which falls outside the boundaries of Perfect Futures, please click this link to Cosmic Understanding, which deals with such spiritual themes in more depth…
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  1. Gideon

     /  February 1, 2007

    I felt I was being a little sweeping here, so just to be fair, I made another entry that you can see above, called \’The Spiritual Japan\’. The point being, that even when society seems very secularised, people still can have a spiritual connection. Also, lots of religions exist here, perhaps in a kind of \’underground\’ way for much of the year, but when it comes to New Year or funerals, you can see it around again, though perhaps more as a culture for a lot of people, these days.

  2. Gideon

     /  January 28, 2007

    Can I make your comment the description for my site? Such insight and good choosing!
    Well as to religion in Japan, a lot of it has become work-worship and consumerism. It\’s a kind of religiosity, but not so much what we subscribe to here at Perfect Futures. Of course, as individuals, many Japanese have no choice, but as a democratic society they do. Like your job but love your life, or your wife, if you have one!

  3. The Whitemeister

     /  January 27, 2007

    Some interesting thoughts there and i can certainly see where you are coming from in your last paragraph but given their obsession for working such long hours and then spending their freetime just recovering (i.e. sleeping) i don\’t know if many would have time for religion.
    As for myself, i belong to a very small cult group who believe there is only one god who people can really put their faith in and that is Perfect Futures!


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