Video Hits, Blog Misses (for Now)

You may have noticed me saying earlier of all my intentions to make photostories of my photos and then put them on the net, as relaxing, multi-media pieces that I would direct and others would enjoy. Well, I’m pleased to say that overall, the project has been a success! I have them on various sites, some of which have featured them on the front page at one time or another. So far, I’ve had over 100,000 views on them across all the sites and lots of comments and I am getting closer to my stated purpose, to interest people in my photos who aren’t already interested in photography per-se (of course, I want those people’s interest just as much, too!)
In terms of hits for each thing I make, I would say my output fares something like this (from lowest to highest)-
Blogs like this (around a few 1000 per blog in about a year, mostly random glances but some regulars)
Photos (100’s or 1000s of hits per popular photo, 1000’s for galleries)
Videos (1000’s per video, sometimes even 10’s of 1000’s, in a few months)
All of this is a bit ironic, as the amount of work I put into these media is in the very opposite order. Blogs take me ages to write and edit, they were what I originally wanted to make on the net. They are, quite simply ‘what I want to say’, though there may be a certain self-indulgence at the heart of such a notion. Its very rare that a person I don’t already know takes an interest in them, but fortunately I do have some regular readers (thanks, you know who you are!) I’ve even had a certain success in getting out there. Try Googling for ‘Perfect Futures’, ‘Cosmic Understanding’ or "Mount Fuji Dawn" and you’ll see me in top three there. Why anyone would be looking for them, I don’t know, but I can be found on Google.
As for my photos, they take moments to take, but ages to process, shift through and arrange, not to mention the efforts made to get to the place they are taken. They sometimes get lots of comments and ‘favouritings’ as well as the hits and every now and then someone feels something from them. In fact, when strangers do see my blogs, it’s more often the photo that gets the comment, rather than the writing… and this is for someone who trained in leterature for many years and only learned photography from the ‘school of life’. Meanwhile, my videos are made in a matter of hours each, the intense work taking just many minutes. Using dedicated software they have a formulaic structure, which I will probably stick with to avoid getting too complex. They are certainly the least defined of my output, as I know next to nothing about video, though I have got to know the Photostory program I use very well. Yet, they are the closest I get to entertainment, they are the most accessible and maybe this is what makes them the most popular.
Of course, there’s nothing I like more than hits, not only because it’s just so satisfying to get them (a bit like getting points in video games, really), but I can also find out how well-recieved my things are. No hits means no-one is watching. It will be interesting to find out how things work out in the long term, then there is always something else to remember… the value of the thing does not rest in it’s popularity, nor just in the quality of skill, but it’s in it’s meaningfulness, however unrecognised or misunderstood. Whether this all means my blogs are ultimately just too much drivel for the world, or some time in the future they will ‘catch on’, I have no idea. It will certainly be interesting to find out. Even better, the idea that the internet will continue many centuries into the future means my stuff may keep getting hits and comments even when I’m no longer here- now that’s immortality!
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