Exhibition at Fuji Gallery in Hibya Open!

I just got back from seeing the gallery in Hibya and a very enjoyable opening party nearby. I have to say, the quality of the photos there this year astounded me- it didn’t hurt that some of the RSPJC (Royal Society of Photography Japan Chapter) members exhibiting there have won international prizes for their work. In some cases, I was left wondering how they did it- a sharp aerial photo of Mt. Fuji showing it’s entire shape, an astoundingly clear view of Mt. Matterhorn with wisps of sunlit clouds around it and a photo of a Hokkaido crane that was somehow turned into a painting.

There is also some great comedy. One that made me laugh was of a matsuri (Japanese festival) in Akihabara, it’s float made entirely of disused computer parts and cans of the famous (infamous?) oden sold there, being pulled by girls in maid outfits and others. Another one was of a samurai helmet- but look closely and you’ll see the entire thing is made of sashimi, which I suppose would stop a fish-loving enemy from attacking you for fear of spoiling it. For the first time, the gallery was also arranged into themes by the club president, who has an uncanny resemblance to Einstein with his hair do. Perhaps that’s the kind of genius it takes to arrange an exhibition so well! I’m looking forward to going back on Sunday….

One thing to note is that the map the gallery website provides isn’t so hot- I could only tell the (huge) building apart from the other ones by some small kanji on a door- then I needed to walk around a bit to find the main entrance; the only one open by then. The fact that it was dark and rainy by the time I got there didn’t help. Luckily, people helped me along the way; so if you get confused, don’t hesitate to ask for the ‘Hibya Mitsui Building’ and find the gallery inside it- many of the other members needed to ask for directions themselves!

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